Stephen Vaughan


Stephen Vaughan studied a BA in music and performance, then went onto do an MA in photography. He bought a camera to record his fellow pupils and this encouraged him to look at photography. He photographed performances and this made him look at photographing film stills and he has done a few film stills; including ‘Kevin and Perry Go Large’. After a while this wasn’t working and he became disconnected with it and then moved onto landscapes. This has led him to several projects across different countries including Iceland and Japan.


Stephen Vaughan’s most recent work looks at earthquakes, it was very interesting to learn of the processes he uses before he takes a photograph and what he looks for when making an image, as well as the stories from making the images. However, it has put me off travelling to anywhere that may be susceptible to an earthquake, although, the hospitality in different cultures is very different to what we know here and people can be very accepting.


Stephen also became very animated and it was clear the enthusiasm he has for his work.



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