Morag McDonald

A few inspirations of Morag McDonald:

Johannes or Jan Vermer, the Milkmaid 1685 and the Lace Maker 1670 were large influences due to the lighting and everyday scenes, they are early photographic paintings and have a good use of colours that oppose and yet have a similar colour pallet.

Woman in blue reading a letter- 1662- 1665, shows a well-educated and learned woman. Similar colours to Madonna and Child. Tom Hunter’s- Woman reading a possession order- 1998 shows a lot of similarities to the painting.

Philip Lorca di Corcia his series hustlers are iconic American cinematic images; they are all staged and the book is in memory of his brother who died of AIDs.

Film Noir, Brief Encounters 1945 carefully lit to be dark and mysterious. A still from Fallen Angel. It has dark and hard lines on the men and lighter softer approach for women to convey different things, they are also back lit to make this light around them.

Tarantino has simple yet good lighting- good to study.

Murdo McLeod is a press photographer, image from the foot and mouth epidemic. The angle allows for the drama of the situation, it if from this side which means you can see less detail and it backlit creating a halo around the carcass.


I found it very interesting and informative to learn of the inspirations of a professional photographer and how this went on to shape the way Morag produced her work. It has made me think about who has influenced my work so far and how I can find inspiration from anything and anything from throughout history.


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