Earlier this year there was a two-part documentary on the BBC about the production of the publication Vouge, and this led me to buy my first copy of the publication. This seems really dramatic, however if or when you have watched the documentary you will understand the passion and dedication these people have to produce Vouge. I didn’t understand until I saw this, as I always thought it was just about the name- this was incredibly wrong.


They literally eat, sleep and breath fashion and the production of the magazine and this is infectious as you want more and to know what is going on. I found the making of the work really interesting especially the photographic elements, from taking the image, the editing and finally the post production including the printing. I always knew a lot of people would be involved in the entire creation, however I never realised how many people would be needed.


In one part of the documentary they went along to several of the shoots that would be in the magazine but the one that stood out for me was the shoot with one of the most important fashion photographers; and he did an entire shoot in the corridor of a stairwell- this showed me that photography can make anything beautiful, even the most mundane and dull. Also that the photographer didn’t use a huge set up all he used was the existing light and one studio light, so it is possible for anyone talented enough to do this.


I would never consider myself to be someone with an interest in fashion, however their enthusiasm is infectious and through this I have become more aware of the way things look around me, more through the colours, designs and patterns, which I had never really noticed until this point. I have also learnt that fashion influences more than just the way we dress, but everything around us.



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