Jack Latham

Jack Latham is a recent graduate (2012), he believes in showing his failures as it is a way to improve, if you make mistakes have something to learn from. He wasn’t interested in arts however he was interested in world affairs.

Tim Heatherton is a large inspiration to Latham. He failed his A-levels and ended up doing bar work, he had no experience in photography yet he still applied and got the space he is very interested in various different things however he became very interested in portraiture. Moved to Birmingham for a month to document ozone, this was mail that would not leave the house without full make up. However, this was completely slated due to the ethics as it was a very selfish project. Later he moved on to photographing areas where fights had happened, he had hit a brick wall as he had to explain the context behind each image therefore they needed a deeper narrative.

Tim died in 2011, this changed him as she was very connected to him, he walked to clear his head and fell into a depression use his camera to document less.

A pink flamingo was shot in America and follows the Oregon Trail/the Gold Rush Trail, the title is a reference to a garden ornaments and the pop culture that surrounds this tournament. He became very interested in the trial this interweaved into his work, religion seeps into his work. Trail is visible in the majority of his images, they show untapped American land. He was very open with people when he was out photographing this project.

Sugar paper theories was his final project a university, he wants to leave university without having finished projects. He moved to Brighton and worked so that he could fund this project. It follows the murders of two people that went missing in 1974, six people confessed even though they didn’t do it. This book explores and unfolds all of the work that went into covering up and making these people confess. It is written sugar paper, this was used by the theorists that are featured within this book, this is a very nice touch to the book and makes it much more aesthetically pleasing.

This lecture was incredibly interesting, I have learnt a lot mostly about the work Latham was produced as I was unfamiliar with his work beforehand, it shows the work and dedication it requires to make something of this magnitude.



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