James Arthur Allen

‘Photography is not something you are born with, the more you do the better it becomes.’


James Arthur Allen is currently studying an MA in South Wales, and has won the Rebecca Vassey Memorial Award, which is a new award. Before this he studied in Falmouth in 2012 and then editorial at Radstock. He originally went to Plymouth in 2002 and dropped out after two years of study.


It was really interesting to see the thought process and development of ideas and the work from his first year of a degree to what he is producing now. He talked us through his initial response to the work and what he thinks of it now and how important it is to learn from the mistakes you make.


This talk showed me that it is good to question what and why I am photographing things, and to explore what I want but most of all to learn and really understand the basics of lighting and the use of my camera. Most importantly that I can do what I want and to prove to the people who told me I can’t do a degree that I can, he found that because he is dyslexic, as am I, that people always say that you can’t do it.  



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