Sebastiao Salgado- Genesis


Sabastio Salgado- Genesis


Recently I went to the exhibition of Salgado, Genesis, at Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution it is an exhibition of the third long-term series about global issues by Sebastiao Salgado. This project took eight years to complete, beginning in 2004, and the result is over 200 beautifully crafted black and white prints of varying subjects; from landscapes to indigenous people. The images document his travels across the world. This exhibition shows 31 of these prints, the images highlight and create awareness about importance issues concerning the environment and climate change.


I was very much looking forward to visiting this exhibition as Salgado has been a large influence of mine and I was incredibly intrigued to see his work in print. I have only seen the work either online or in various publications of his, however these have either been poor quality copies or the images in print have been too small, not allowing for an accurate representation of Salgado’s work, as the tones are very rich and the detailed beauty isn’t always clear.


The exhibition was not as I imagined, the room wasn’t bare like normal exhibitions there was a lot of different items dotted around the place, almost like walking into a lobby of a hotel or a reception area, which is effectively what is was. I found this quite distracting, however this didn’t detract from the prints as they were very beautiful and defiantly the centrepiece of the space. This was only a small selection of the images from Genesis, this project took Salgado several years to produce, this is visible in the prints as they are of such quality. In all of the images, the sun is behind the subject, the subject isn’t silhouetted either, this makes the images much more interesting.



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