Sustainability in Photography

When people leave photography?

How do we keep people in the industry?

Due to social media everyone had a phone, democratisation of media. London bombings was all documented using phones, there was no professional photographers on site this shows the decline of the professional photographer. As everyone has a mobile phone it means anyone can be a photographer, is much more instant now and the chances are that events are unfolding can be documented and spread across the world in a matter of seconds.

It is very accessible, everyone now has a phone in their pockets no matter if they use it or not. However, there is a cost to this – the requirements of the professional photographer. People feel they no longer need professionals to come and take photographs as they have the equipment they need. The cost over the years has driven dramatically dropped and the quality has increased therefore, you can get a higher quality camera for a cheaper price compared to what it would have been 10 years ago. There is value in having a professional photographer as they have invested a lot of money in the equipment they use, the education they partaken and the time they have taken to learn, develop and hone their skills as a photographer.

Copyright is incredibly important, now more than ever as it prevents people from taking your images and using them for their own purposes without the permission of the photographer. To an extent it is all we have to prove that image belongs to us. In theory if you don’t own the image or the copyright to the image you can’t use it however, due to things such as screenshots and copy and paste it is easy to copy images online. For example, at an equestrian events photographers will put the images online with a small watermark to give a preview of what people can buy but people will just take them, this reduces the value of the work we produce.



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