Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is an event that has run for over 50 years and happens once a year; it celebrates the photographers that capture stunning images of the natural world. The exhibition is from the Natural History Museum and displays 100 images. The competition is worldwide and has drawn the attention from 96 countries and 42,000 entries this year. From the 361 entries in its first year of launching in 1965.

I am very lucky that an international tour exhibited across six continents, stops in Bristol, which means that this exhibition is very accessible for me to visit numerous times. I have visited this exhibition for the past few years as it captures my interest and has inspired me to produce better images as well as giving me a drive and determination to one day be good enough to be recognised in a competition of this magnitude.

When you walk in the door you are greeted by a large space, split by a wall that displays some of the prints. I now had the tricky question of where to start my exploration of these prints, as there are no specific guidelines as to which order to view. The exhibition is broken down into categories that the images are judged on, this makes it easier to set the images apart as well as providing a diverse depiction of the natural world we live in.

There will always be a difference of opinions on these images as some people will like an images whereas others will not, however there are some very clear and distinctive images that capture the attention of the majority that see them, such as Portrait of a pelican’ by Bence Máté, Hungary in the Details category. I sat an observed this image for some time and took notice of what some people were saying about this print all of them were intrigued and loved the bright bold abstract nature of this photograph, this showed me that although I may not always agree with the photograph that won the category it is a very large achievement to get that far in the competition and to be liked by the majority looking at the work displayed.

Below are several links that will take you to the M-Shed and Natural History Museum, they will provide more information about the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and show a selection of images from the show:







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