Jyn San

Jan San is a professional stylist and has been since 2003, she still works with the same people as she did when she first started, that is why it is important to create a good name for yourself and to work with people you know, building a good working relationship that you can rely on throughout your career.

Jan trained at Tony& Guy as well as Grease Guy (she was unsure if this second company is still running), so that she could do hair and make-up for the work she is doing. She started out freelancing, to self-promote, and still does the occasional freelance work. Your personality is very important as the way you interact with your clients will determine if you get repeat work. Be creative within your work, even if you don’t like what you are doing, still smile.

It is important that the styling is natural and not to strong or obvious as this changes the way people look at the work, I need to keep this in mind when I shoot my work however, my work needs more styling- there is a fine line between the two. The composition of an image is key, and experiment and test ideas. The most important thing with styling is to look at small details.

As a part of the session we were set a task to go to a shop and style an outfit to the brief Jan gave us. Our brief was to go to Marks and Spencer’s and style a New York penthouse lounge/nightwear setting.

This still needs further styling and Catia and Lucy should be stood up so that we can see the outfits. This shows the importance of the small details.

This talk/ exercise was very inciteful and useful from another medium, it has opened my eyes up to notice the smaller details and don’t just focus on producing an image but look at everything that makes the image.




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